Woolen knitting Classes

Crochet classes

crochet classes are available for ladies at Chennai Fashion institute and tailoring in Chennai Mogappair. Women faculties experienced in woolen knitting and Crocheting work train the lady students with special one to one care. Individual attention will be given to each and every student. These classes and future practice is identified as stress relief exercise. Call : +91-9884861088 to Know more about Crochet work.

Crochet Classes in Chennai Mogappair

History of Crochet

Crochet products are costlier than  garments made of lace in the beginning of 19th Century. Textile products manufactured by crochet are utilized by certain group of people in Europe and Asia to indicate the social status based on the affordability to purchase or buying power. The threads and yarns are very cheap since they can be purchased from the near by woolen material shops and Merchants due to the availability of locally produced Few lace made items as well as crochet.

Crochet Work

Crochet Work and Knitting

Craft of crocheting and knitting are basically found in Himalayan areas of India there after it started spreading to Nepal, China, south America and Arabian Countries.  The Culture of the people in these countries taught the weaving and knitting of these textile products to produce and wear comfortably as per the climatic condition of their location. Crocheting Experts say that the craft of crocheting is highly technical and huge experience is required to create new patterns of Knitted Products and Textile of Crochet work.

Woolen and Crochet Work Practice

Crochet work and woolen knitting was practiced in most of the location of Europe. Woolen cloth manufacturing was the main source of income and livelihood for most of the community people lived in country side. Experts are crochet work developed it as an art by creating new designs of crochet crafts. Many of the rich families lived there considered wearing CROCHET WORK clothes is symbol of Power and wealth. Not only the symbol of Royal but also People was happy and relieved from their stress in doing the work of crocheting and knitting.

Woolen knitting Classes

Textile Product manufactured by Crochet Work

Products of Crochet can be produced with lot of available variety of Threads and Yarn materials. Infinite variety of Colours and textures will enable the Experts to create new patterns and innovative designs. Many kind of Yarn materials are available in the textile raw material market and shops. Type of Yarns which are basically used are sport/baby, worsted weight, baby/fingering, chunky, and the bulky varieties, which are mostly applied in Knitting and crochet work.

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Crochet Training Classes in Chennai Mogappair

Crochet Classes are conducted in Chennai fashion institute and Tailoring at Chennai mogappair center exclusively for ladies by women expert trainers. Most of the fashion designing students prefer to learn this woolen knitting needle and Lace works. Nominal fees and excellent training along with the woolen material will be offered in Crochet Classes.